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Industry Experts Say:


"A TREAT for budding business analysts and consulting professionals. This book will give all it needs to be successful as a business analyst - A must read!" 

Mridul Gupta, Management Consultant, Accenture Management Consulting, CCBA, IIBA


"Simplistic, exemplary, structured and thoughtful content of the book makes it one of the best for the Business Analyst fraternity!"

 Yogesh More, Executive Manager, ADP


“This is an excellent book for those looking to take up BA as a career. Gives a lot of clarity on the objectives and actual work required in Business Analysis. The perfect answer to 'why BA' for individuals and organizations alike!”

Dr. Dinesh Rijhwani, Healthcare Entrepreneur, MBBS, MBA (IIM Ahmedabad '10)


"If one is keen to know the insights of Business Analysis profession, Be a B.A. is a remarkable book to begin." 

Angamuthu Manoharan, CEO, BAeHAL Software ltd, Bangalore


“A beginner book that summarizes many aspects of BA in one place.” 

K Narasimhan, CEO and Founder, Nascar Technologies Pvt Ltd (Ex – Yahoo! And Sun Microsystem Employee)


Readers Say:


This book provides Amazing Insights into Business Analysis that are evolving in Market. Interesting Illustration and examples so relatable makes it an interesting read. Extremely well-articulated and easy to understand concepts make you learn. Highly Recommended to All directly and indirectly connected with BA. - Atul Garg

This book is very apt for the people who wants to understand what is Business Analysis. Book is written in general terms so that everyone can understand it. The people who is also aiming at becoming a Business Analyst, reading this book will be the right choice. - Vishwam Rachakonda

Complexity broken to Simplicity...Amazing book! The author has kept the mass need in mind and have simplified the complexity of the subject and the concepts of Business analysis. I never imagined that I was a BA in my every day activities. This book has helped me to guage my future requirements to pursue my aspiration and simultaneously have provided a road map for future porspects. Give it a shot!!This is a must have if you are new or want to unlock the secrets of BA on simple terms. - Somnath Naskar

"Must have book for aspiring BA's, that's half truth. In fact must have for all the BA's. A handbook that talks about basics to define your own boundaries and perform.

Many BAs don't understand the basic definitions and this is exactly what the book provides. Nice work :)" - Chetan Jain (Project Manager) Northgate Information Solutions


Great book!!! if you want to kick start your career as a Business Analyst, examples and cases in the book are promising to explain the theories. - Karthik


Picked this book with much enthusiasm as the name says 'Be a B.A.' :) I would say this was a perfect read for a B.A. aspirant like me.This is AWESOME...!!! - Ambooj, Senior Quality Analyst, Incessant Technologies


The authors have done excellent work in this book, having in view the global market of this time. It will prove a good text as well as the guide for the aspirants interested in this subject. Wishing them all success and bright future. - Mathura Prasad Mishra, Advocate


Congos to the authors! Being a commerce student, yes I sincerely appreciate the endeavor of the authors to bring in complete details of the business analyst evolution, roles & responsibilities. The manifold experience put forth of business analysts helps the upcoming youth.Quotations are outstanding. All in all its a reference for youth aspiring to be next B.A's. - Shilpa Patil


"I had no clue what Business Analysis is all about, but I happened to read this book and I am amazed to find the simplicity and exemplary approach of the book. I may understand how business analysis helps any organization and or institution do the right thing and achieve success. This book is a good read for Business Analysis Aspirants, nevertheless worth for anybody who be interested in avoiding failure of projects."– Pragyan, Asst. Professor, Occupational Therapy.


My area of specialisation includes Business Intelligence or Data warehousing Development. In my view, this book has all that is required to understand the job of a Business Analyst. As a Software Developer, I believe understanding the role of a B.A. is very crucial as it stands as a pillar in the whole Software Development Life Cycle. B.A. is the one who takes the requirement from the client and passes on to, we developers, and then we kick off our job. In a nutshell, B.A. plays a central part, especially to all the Developers involved in SDLC and hence I recommend this book to all the Software developers across the world to understand the complete job of a BA, that gaps are bridged and roles and responsibilities are made clear at both the ends that directly relates to accomplishment of project abiding to SLA guidelines with zero flaws. I am sure an approach to learn B.A role for any developer shall earn customer delight. - Anuprav Gupta, Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra


B.A. is the one who holds strong functional knowledge about business and hence confirms a special place in any SDLC. It is the B. A who gives the complete functional requirement to us (QA Team) based on which we do the quality and functionality checks of the product/project. At any point of time if the QA team needs a discussion on requirement he/she has to reach the B.A. Hence it sounds very clear about the prominent position of B.A. in the software industry. Besides, this book is very helpful to all the Software Testers to understand the roles and responsibilities of B.A. and their dependencies and expectations on B.A. The book is written in a very simple language and explains its objective using various facts, figures and models. Hence, I highly recommend this book to all the Testers to get through with and achieve excellence in their projects without any delay. - Prajna Kargupta, QA Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services