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'Be a B.A.' book was Launched by National Award Nominee and Founder of a Company in the month of October 2014; it is available internationally in Print on Demand mode; addresses the need and deed of the profession ‘Business Analysis’.


What is the book's theme and scope ? 

Business Analysis (BA) as a profession has proven it's own success by bringing significant value to any of the business an Organization/Institution operates, BA practice is much appreciated across industries. However there are still challenges, so many why, what and how questions for the profession itself. Hence an attempt is made to address various aspects of the profession in this book, Authors have taken a step forward to reach the professionals along with aspiring Business Analysts via this platform. With consulting companies open to hire non-MBAs, this book will be an excellent book to begin for aspiring Business Analysts (B.A.’s) as well.


The book discusses aspects such as Overview of Business Analysis, Need of B.A.’s, Hiring Process and Exercises (that would help for any interviewees and for career transition aspirants), Why B.A., Roles & Responsibilities, Skills Set, Evolution of the Profession, Ambiguity in B.A. Designations, Success Stories of B.A.s, Interesting Facts and many more.



Click on the below attachment to Preview the book.

Book Preview


Why someone should read this book ?

It has been observed over a period of time that Business Analysis is an emerging profession in the market. Due to the nature of work and responsibilities of the profile, many aspirants are eager to build their career in this profession.

The unavailability of proper trainings, guidance and mentoring has often led to in-effectively utilization of resources. Authors have identified a potential opportunity through this book that will provide a roadmap for aspiring B.A. professionals.

Hence an effort is made to bring this book and create awareness among the B.A. fraternity.

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What are its special features ?

Few of the key features included in this book are:

  • Clarity of the profession such as roles, responsibilities and related dimensions
  • Real life examples to relate the concepts
  • Career roadmap of a Business Analyst along with hiring views and exercises
  • Success Stories from Business Analyst fraternity
  • Interesting True Facts

Where can I buy this book?

Availabe at your favorite store 




Amazon.com  (for international locations) & 

Createspace (for international locations)



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7. Book Inagurated by National Award Nominee (for the contributions in indigenous design of Airborne gamma ray Spectrometric System) on 18th of October @ Hyderabad!


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