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Contest Know Hows:

A problem statement would be announced in this page in the first weekend of every month. Details of the contest are as mentioned below:

  • Please submit your response to
  • Responses to be submitted on or before 11 PM, 25th of every month.
  • A winner would be evaluated from the list of submitted responses.
  • Lucky winner of the month would be provided with an appreciation e-certificate via email.

'Be a B.A.' Case 14 - September 15:

 Based on the analysis for Case 13 - August 15; write at least 3 acceptance criteria for each of the 5 user stories. (for making Form 19 online)

'Be a B.A.' Case 13 - August 15:

Based on the analysis for Case 12 - July 15; write 5 user stories for making Form 19 online.

'Be a B.A.' Case 12 - July 15:

Let's assume that : Ministry of Labor & Employment, Government of India, has decided to make Form 19 online for withdrawal of EPF. Do an analysis and list down the activities to be performed for making Form 19 online.

'Be a B.A.' Case 11 - June 15:

While sending money to your family & friends you have realized that the process is tedious and requires multiple steps such as: logging to the bank’s NetBanking website, Adding the Beneficiary, Initiating & Confirming the transaction. You work as a Business Analyst for a leading Bank; you felt that the process of money transfer could be simplified through innovative solutions. You wonder, why not an App which gives money transfer facility to the contacts of your smart phone, and may be just by few touches. You know that customers are going to love this product if rolled out.

Analyze the business need and write user stories to meet the business need identified above.

Note: You may want to limit the number of user stories such that MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is met.

'Be a B.A.' Case 10 - May 15:

For the previous month (April 15) Case Analysis, after listing the Driving and Restraining Forces, perform the following analysis.

  1. Are these driving & restraining forces valid?
  2. Which forces are critical in nature?
  3. Can any force be changed?
  4. How significant are these forces?
  5. How feasible are these forces?

Then, allocate a score to each force (numerical scale from 1 (weak) to 5 (strong)).  After finding the total score for driving and restraining forces, determine and describe if the change is feasible?

'Be a B.A.' Case 9 - April 15:

Force Field Analysis is a technique used for depicting the forces affecting (supporting or opposing) a problem situation or change.  As a Business Analyst, perform force field analysis for a factory which requires to be upgraded with new technology manufacturing machinery. Identify the Driving Forces and Restraining Forces for this change and represent them in a Force Field Analysis Diagram.

'Be a B.A.' Case 8 - March 15:

Your organization is willing to develop a software product for hospitals, which could manage all the records of a patient electronically; your organization has decided to target some of the developing nations as its potential market. You are working as a Business Analyst on this project, and at this stage you are expected to perform opportunity analysis, competitive analysis and strategic planning. You identified SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis as the tool to perform these analyses. Explain how are you performing SWOT analysis and what did you conclude?

'Be a B.A.' Case 7 - February 15:


A company developing software for Banking Industry, recently introduced a new feature for one of it’s top performing Products. Product Manager and Technical lead discussed with the Business Analyst about the new feature and everyone assumed that the requirements were clear and understood. 

However during development programmers changed the interest calculation business rules and this change affected the interest amount that a consumer pays. Change was identified only when testing was in progress and hence the project completion is delayed along with significant increase in cost. 

As a Business Analyst in the project what could you have done better to avoid this situation of the Project? 


'Be a B.A.' Case 6 - January 15:

Assume that to accomplish the objective of Swach Bharat mission, Government of India has issued a proposal for a mobile application development. Your organization has won the contract and is ready to proceed with the development work. In this project, you are appointed as a BA. Describe how would you perform the requirement gathering in the beginning and list down top 10 requirements that you need to prioritize for starting the development work.

Please provide the detail analysis along with the techniques used for requirement gathering and mention any assumptions made in your analysis.  

'Be a B.A.' Case 5 - December 14:


The company you are associated with has skyrocketed for the last two years and its likely to continue performing better for next five years. This has made the management to see if they need to move to larger space as there will be more hirer's as well. There has been some analysis which indicate that its better to move to larger space closer to competitors. This has led to following options -


1. Relocate the company to another city away from the present location. This would mean to affect on present employee's are forced to relocate. On business perspective it would be ideal situation. 

2. Continue to live in the same city and expand by moving to larger space. This will like to affect the business expansion and branding outcome. 


Please provide various potential solutions that can address the business and employee perspective.  


'Be a B.A.' Case 4 - November 14:


Estimate the number of traffic signals required for a stretch of 3 K.M. that has a hospital, school, college, temple and residence along the stretch. All these are at equidistant except residence. The number of people along this stretch are two thousand. Make appropriate assumptions and present a detailed analysis.


'Be a B.A.' Case 3 - October 14:


Estimate the box office collection for the upcoming movie 'Happy New Year' (Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, Directed By Farah Khan) during the first week of it's release; expected to relese on 24th October 2014.


(Note: Detailed case to be presented not just the near number by assuming potential information and data.)


'Be a B.A.' Case 2 - September 14:


A poor man (father) approaches the head of department for admission of his daughter, but the admission dates are over. However, his daughter had applied as per the guidelines and was eligible for a merit seat. The girl or her family member couldn't attend the counselling day due to the sudden demise of grandma, and the seat is allocated to someone else. The only option that seems possible by the head of the department is payment seat. But, this is difficult for the poor man to afford. Her father requests to be considerate and accept his daughter for the admission on merit. What should the head of department do?

(Note: Please mention all the assumptions in the detailed analysis. Restrict the analysis to maximum 1000 words.)


'Be a B.A.' Case 1 - August 14:


 How many hours do recruiters spend looking at resumes every year?