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FAQs :

1. What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is an examination or investigation technique of the business, which ensures business needs are identified, and solutions to be implemented are aligned to the organizational objectives.

(To know more about Business Analysis with simple examples refer Section 1.3 of ‘Be a B.A.’)

2. What is the prerequisite to become a Business Analyst ( B.A. )?

Are you passionate to help the organization meet its objectives and goals? Do you like asking questions and understanding the ‘know-how’ of whatever you do in your day to day life? Are you interested to understand the business you or your organization do? and other such questions.

If your answer is yes to all the above questions, Eureka! prerequisites fulfilled. :)

(Refer section 3.1 for many more interesting facts of prerequisites and skills.)

3. Is communication so essential for a B.A. ?

Recently me and my flatmates wanted to hire a maid but the situation was dead lock since we didn’t have common language to communicate with the maid. We had to use gestures and references,but concluded that we would get an another person to translate and facilitate the discussion.

This is very simple example to quote the need and ways to communicate. Since a B.A. holds the responsibility to understand business and collaborate with other teams to deliver the solution, s/he got to communicate effectively throughout the lifecycle of the project.

(Chapter 3 explains various communication ways a B.A. should adopt.)

4. What are the key techniques used by B.A.’s to perform various tasks?

There are various techniques like brainstorming, focus groups, JAD sessions and others which are used by B.A.s depending on the nature of task performed by them.

(Section 5.1 lists 17 techniques used by B.A.s and explains some of the techniques. Please refer the same for more details.)

5. Will this book help to perform Business Analysis role?

This book addresses all the basic aspects of the profession business analysis.

After reading the book, if one follow the practices mentioned in the book and put sincere efforts, certainly s/he can perform the B.A. job very well.

6. Are there any practice exercises as part of this book.

Yes. Authors of this book believes more in practical or case based learning. Hence this book explains various concepts through cases or real life examples.

Also it shows the path to case based learning by including few exercises.

(Please refer to section 3.4 and Annexure 1 for more details.)

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